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Spa For Corporate Events

Corporate events are usually draining for the invitees. It makes them storm their mind, while attending meetings and conferences, discussing new ideas, or making decisions. Ganga Spa, makes your clients or employees experience calm and serene, by offering a range of soothing spa and making them repress their long day hassles, and enjoy the corporate event.

Say “Thank You” and make them feel special by giving them a luxurious experience by Ganga Spa. Let us show your clients/ employees / elite invitees how much their presence is cherished! Our mobile spa service makes a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, with an ideal setting. Indulging in for 15mix spa in a relaxing space would not only clear the mind, but also rejuvenates the body, and de-stresses the tension with a glowing skin.

At Ganga Spa, we strive to offer the most relaxing experience that would last as long as you and your client want us. We bring the spa experience to your client with our unique spa services containing various corporate event packages. All you got to do is, select the corporate event packages which suits your set up or customize and include different sets of spa treatment packages and get those same indulgent spa package services at the corporate event venue. Ganga Spa being Indians “ONE STOP” for Mobile Spa offers a full range of spa packages that are licensed and practiced by highly skilled professional.

We are delighted to serve you, with our luxurious and rejuvenating services, all over India.

Invite us over and make your next conference a memorable one. We assure you that we will be the most relaxing house guests you have ever spent time with.

Spa For MICE

on- site chair massage, with a comforting set up

Ganga Spa offers, Spa for MICE, where your clients or employees get a rejuvenating set of therapies. Inclusive of on- site chair massage, with a comforting set up and an opulent experience. So call us to get the best deal and gift you client a peaceful experience.

Spa For Conference

talk about new ideas, etc

Conferences are usually for a day to a week, where constant brainstorming takes place, to make decisions, talk about new ideas, etc. To create a comforting and relaxing environment for your guests. Invite us over, and let you guest get the most relaxing and warm experience.

Spa for Seminar

Relaxation post a cogitate seminar

Seminars are a new way of keeping everyone updated with technologies or new ideas and concepts. It usually tends to last for 3-4 hours with great mental focus. Help you invitees with Ganga Spa for some relaxation post a cogitate seminar.

Spa For Employee Wellness

Make your employee feel special

The productivity of the company depends merely on the efficiency of the employees. Treat them with our Spa for Employee Wellness, where we would provide calming spa session which would not only make your employee feel special, what also make them work with great enthusiasm.

Spa for Gala Dinner

Make the celebration look high- flown

Add luminous glamour to your gala dinner, with our special Spa for Gala Dinner. This won’t only add grandness to your Dinner Night, but also make the celebration look high- flown.So what are you waiting for!!

Spa For Annual Day

It is special, make it a memorable!

Annual Day for any company is a massive celebration. It is basically to showcase the entire year’s progress. And you as a company would really want to make it special and make it a memorable one. So, book spa for your annual day now and make it an unforgettable one.

Spa For Sport Events

After a tough sports actives, make your employees feel special

Sports activities are held in companies to make their employees know each other better. It also brings out a person’s sportsmen and leadership qualities.After a tough sports actives, make your employees feel special by providing relaxing and rejuvenation spa therapies. This would be an add on comforting activity to your Sports day event and would also make the employees happy.

Spa For Special Days

Women’s day or any other special occasion

Celebrating employee appreciation day or women’s day or any other special occasion. Make it an unforgettable day, by adding luxurious and rejuvenating spa therapies by Ganga Spa. Proving spa on these special days would make your employees feel good and would make them actively participate in other office works.

Spa For Opening Ceremony

Revitalize your invitees and elite clients

Proving a luxurious spa therapy to your invitees on an opening ceremony would enhance the first look of you as a company. Spa services would not only revitalize your invitees and elite clients but also make them feel refreshed and relaxed.